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Recent selected publications:

Correspondence on “Oversulfated chondroitin sulfate is not the sole contaminant in heparin”. M. Guerrini, Z. Shriver, A. Naggi, B. Casu, R. J. Linhardt, G. Torri & R. Sasisekharan. Nat Biotechnol. (2010) Vol 28, 207-211

Ortogonal analytical approaches to detect potential contaminants in heparin. Guerrini M, Zhang Z, Shriver Z, Masuko S, Langer R, Naggi A, Casu B, Linhardt R, Torri, G, Sasisekharan R. Proc Natl Acad Sci, 2009; 6; 106(40):16956-61.

Glycosaminoglycan origin and structure revealed by multivariate analysis of NMR and CD spectra. Rudd TR, Skidmore MA, Guimond SE, Cosentino C, Torri G, Fernig DG, Lauder RM, Guerrini M, Yates EA. Glycobiology. 2009;19:52-67

Oversulfated chondroitinsulfate is a contaminant in heparin associated with adverse clinical events. M. Guerrini, D. Beccati, Z. Shriver, A. Naggi, K. Viswanathan, A. Bisio, I. Capila, J.C. Lansing, S. Guglieri, B. Fraser, A. Al-Hakim, N.S. Gunay, Z. Zhang, L. Robinson, L. Buhse, M. Nasr, J. Woodcock, R. Langer, G. Venkataraman, R.J. Linhardt, B. Casu, G. Torri, R. Sasisekharan. Nature Biotechnol. 2008 (April 23) Epub ahead of print

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Low molecular weight heparins: structural differentiation by bidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. M. Guerrini, M. Guglieri, A. Naggi, R. Sasisekharan, G. Torri. Semin. Thromb. Hemost., 33 (5) 478-487 (2007)

Complex glycosaminoglycans: profiling substitution patterns by two dimensional NMR spectroscopy. M. Guerrini, A. Naggi, S. Guglieri, R. Santarsiero, G. Torri. Anal. Biochem., 337, 35-47, (2005)

A novel computational approach to integrate NMR spectroscopy and capillary electrophoresis for structure assignment of heparin oligosaccharides. M. Guerrini, R. Raman, G. Venkataraman, G. Torri, R. Sasisekharan, B. Casu. Glycobiology. 12, 713-719, (2002)