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28 ottobre 2020
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Consortium 7C

Consortium for High Field NMR Research in Biotechnology and Material Sciences ” Milano, via Giuseppe Colombo 81 (Città Studi)


Participants in the Consortium:
Bruker Italia    “G. Ronzoni” Institute     San Raffaele Institute

The consortium operates on non profit basis for joint utilization of research NMR instrumentation
The 7C consortium is open to participation of new members of public or private organizations, as well as to allot part of the instrument time to interested organizations or companies.

A 600 MHz NMR Avance (4 channels) instrument, with cryoprobe.
The 7C instrumentation is located in a completely re-structured area of Ronzoni Institute and occupies part of 300 m2 of an “integrated laboratory”.
The 7C laboratory hosts a minimum of 8 researchers belonging to the consortium units, coordinated by a scientist in charge of regulating the times of utilization and of ensuring the instrument performances.

Major Competences:
The 7C exploits the following competences of its partners:

  • Development of new techniques and applications requiring use of high sensitivity NMR instruments
  • Structural studies on proteins and carbohydrates
  • Studies of interaction between ligands and target molecules
  • Characterization and quantification of drug metabolites

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