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17 agosto 2017
Scientific Activities
Ronzoni Institute
According to the Foundation statute, Institute's primary focus is to conduct and promote pure and applied research in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, mainly aimed at the benefit of mankind.

The Institute's activities are entirely on a non-profit basis.
Welcome to annual autumn Villa Vigoni meeting
As for the past editions, the Glycosaminoglycan Symposium will take place in Villa Vigoni (Loveno, Lake Como). >>>
Mini-symposium September 14th, 2016 Milan
Heparin’s centenary. Looking forward to the future of Heparin: new sources, developments and applications >>>
Sostieni la ricerca
Sostieni la ricerca dell'Istituto "G. Ronzoni" con il 5 x mille. Con il Tuo sostegno e quello dei Tuoi amici potremmo sviluppare progetti di ricerca di base ed applicata che contribuiranno ad ampliare le conoscenze in campo biomedico e in generale nelle scienze della vita. >>>
Consortium 7C
The consortium operates on non profit basis for joint utilization of research NMR instrumentation. The 7C consortium is open to participation of new members of public or private organizations, as well as to allott part of the instrument time to interested organizations or companies. >>>
Recognition Presented to Benito Casu
The faculty and staff of the Hemostasis Research Laboratories of the department of Pathology and Pharmacology at the Loyola University Medical Center present this award of recognition to Professor Benito Casu for his lifetime achievements in the sciences of Glycosaminoglycan Research >>>