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28 ottobre 2020
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Synthesis Group

Synthesis Group


- Novel RGD Peptidomimetics Embedding 1,2,3-Triazole as Central Scaffold; Synthesis and av ß3 Integrin Affinity. Ni  M.H., Esposito E., Castorina M. and Dal Pozzo A., Letters in Drug Design and Discovery (2011) 8, 401-405

-Tumor-targeted RGD peptide-camptothecin conjugates.  A. Dal Pozzo, M. Ni, E. Esposito, S. Dallvalle, L. Merlini, C. Pisano, M. Castorina, L. Vesci and S. Penco, Biorg. Med.Chem. 2008, in press

-Novel dual targeting antitumoral conjugates. A. Dal Pozzo, E. Esposito, M. Ni and L. Muzi, Bioconjugate Chem. 2008 in press

-Synthesis and Conformational Studies of Novel, Side-Chain Protected, L-(?Me)Ser
Homopeptides.  F.Formaggio, C.Peggion, C.Toniolo, B-Kaptein,Q.B. Broxterman, M. Ni,
 L.Muzi and A. Dal Pozzo, Understanding biology using peptides,  2007 Volume in press

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-Incorporation of C?-Fuoroalkylamino acids into cyclopeptides: Synthesis of RGD analogues and study of their conformational and biological behaviour. A. Dal Pozzo,
M.H. Ni, L. Muzi, R. De Castiglione, R. Mondelli, S. Mazzini, S. Penco, C. Pisano et al
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-Synthesis of unusual RGD Cyclic Peptides Incorporating Fluoromethylaminoacids,
as selective inhibitors of ?v?3 Integrin.
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-Structure-activity relations. Part 5. Antibacterial activity of a series of substituted
(E)-3-(4-Phenylbenzoyl)-acrylic acids, Chalcones, 2-Hydroxychalcones and ?-Bromochalcones. Addition of Cysteine to substituted 3-Benzoylacrylic acids and related compounds.
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Italian and International Patents

-Nuovi Sali di glicosaminoglicani;  procedimento per la loro preparazione e relative composizioni farmaceutiche.  A. Dal Pozzo, M. Acquasaliente, G. Sportoletti, M. Sarret,
P. Ferruti, F. De Sanctis. Brev. Italiano N. 1231915, 1992.

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-Camptothecin conjugated in position 7 to cyclic peptides as cytostatic agents.
A. Dal Pozzo, S. Penco, L. Merlini, G. Giannini, O. Tinti, C. Pisano, F. Zumino, D. Alloatti,
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