Organization Structure

Administrative Board

According to the will of the Founder the Administrative Board is composed of seven members:

  • President and Vice-President;
  • Three members of the research staff, including Director and Vice-Director;
  • Two members designated by the Deans of Milan University and by the President of Milan Polytechnic, respectively.

UGGERI dr. Fulvio
LOCATELLI dr. Pietro
GUERRINI dr. Marco
BISIO dr. Antonella
NAGGI dr. Annamaria
Lay prof. Luigi
BRENNA prof. Maria Elisabetta
ZERBA rag. Laura

Prof. Maria Elisabetta Brenna is a member designated by Milan Polytechnic’s Dean, Prof. Luigi Lay is a member designated by Milan University’s Dean

Scientific Advisory Board

UGGERI dr. Fulvio
Internal Members
TORRI dr. Giangiacomo
NAGGI dr. Annamaria
GUERRINI dr. Marco
BISIO dr. Antonella
External Members
LINDAHL prof. Ulf – Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University (Sweden)
SASISEKARAN prof. Ram – Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT (USA)
PETITOU dr. Maurice (France)
KUEMMERLE dr. Rainer – Vice President in Bruker Biospin (Switzerland)
PAOLETTI prof. Sergio – Professor Emeritus at Trieste University (Italy)